A New Relationship with an Old Partner

After a break up with their girl-friends, some guys realize that the girl was really the right one for them and so try to win them back but that isn’t always as easy as they may at first thought it would be.

This isn’t quite so easy though when your marriage is on the rocks. When this was the case for myself, I sought advice and help fromthose providing the top marriage counselling near me.

OK, if the guy finished with the girl then an apology and an admission that they made a mistake may work but, if the girl finished with them, then things may not be as easy and remember, if the guy finished with the girl because she cheated, she had already really finished the relationship herself.

In most instances it is easier to find a new girlfriend than it is to get an old one back, especially as they probably already know all your chat up lines and subtle approaches.

The biggest mistake that guys make when trying to get an old flame back is to think that begging will solve the problem.

Pets look cute when they beg but men don’t and all begging will probably achieve is that the girl will lose any respect she still had for you so whatever you do, do not beg.

Another mistake that guys often make when trying to win an old girlfriend back, is to threaten, either the girl or themselves and although this has worked in some cases, it isn’t recommended as when the girl gets over any pity or fear she may have felt, she will once again end the relationship and it will be a permanent break up this time.

The last mistake that many men make is to talk to their e3x about some of the better ties they shared together and whilst this, at first, seems like a good strategy, all too often it also acts to bring up in the girl’s memory some of the bad times and those in turn remind her of why she broke up with you.

Like I said, getting an ex back is not going to be easy and it almost certainly will involve an apology on your part, even if you are not quite sure what you are apologizing for.

There are usually two main reasons why a girl breaks up with a man and the most common of these is that they do not think that the man puts enough effort into the relationship and that the relationship lacks romance.

If this is the case then you may want to start thinking romance and perhaps suggest a romantic dinner or perhaps a relaxing picnic in the country where you can discuss what you can achieve together in the future, as a couple.

The other reason why women split up with men is because the man tries too hard and does not give the girl room to breathe. If this is the case you need to take a more relaxed approach, allowing her time to make up her mind. By remaining relaxed and seemingly unconcerned, this may convince her you will not take the new relationship too seriously.

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Winning an Ex-Girlfriend Back: Giving up and Getting Her Back

It is normal that you are upset because your girl friend called off the relationship. Your feelings are hurt and you are confused. You can do a thousand things to win her heart back, but maybe you should consider just giving up in order to get her back to you. Maybe you, too, need a break from the relationship and you have not noticed this. So maybe you need to stop trying so hard to get her back, and actually let her go for a while.

Some people will take this time to discover that they do in fact need her in their life. Whilst others will look to move on and search for reliable dating services near me. Just make sure you make the right decision for you.

It sounds weird, but remember when you were younger and you tried so hard to do something that you became tense about the situation. You began to over think things. For example, you would think about every inch the ball made as approached you at home plate. You forgot to act naturally and swung and hit nothing but air. You were trying too hard.

There is such a thing as trying so very hard that you stop acting naturally and begin to focus on the goal too much. This could be what is happening to you. Maybe you just need to relax and give up for a bit to get over the tension. You will be a more relaxed person, and if she is still in your social circle, she will notice the new and relaxed you.

Some ideas to keep yourself busy as you take this down time are to join a new sports team, pick up a new hobby, hang out with the friends you have been neglecting, volunteer for a good cause, or learn to stop and appreciate all the things that are currently in your world. By appreciating all that you have, you become more optimistic, and this change will be noticed. Focus on the good things in life.

Additionally, some people just need some space. You are giving your ex-girlfriend some breathing room, but you are also getting much needed space. During this time of giving up you can also check and make sure you are exercising properly, you are eating carefully and nutritionally, and you are getting enough sleep. Your appearance will soon indicate that you are taking better care of yourself.

If you show up at her door in three-day-old clothes, begging and pleading for three weeks in a row for her to take you back, you won’t get her back. You may get a visit form the police. But if you can go about giving her up and focusing on you, then you become more desirable.

When you feel you have arrived to a good place and feel emotionally, physically, and mentally refreshed, then you can begin to talk to your ex-girlfriend some. As you slowly begin to talk to her and ask her out on dates, you will do this a better person. You will be attractive inside and out and she will notice this. Giving her up to get her back can actually work for you.

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Getting an Ex-Girlfriend Back

Many men at some time or other have experienced a break up with a girlfriend or even a wife and in many cases, at one point or another we would have wished we could get them back.

Although this is an articled aimed at assisting you in getting back an ex-girlfriend, perhaps the most important thing is to first advise you as to how not to try and get her back.

Often the most common methods of trying to get an ex-girlfriend back are also the feeblest and perhaps the most unlikely to succeed. One of the most common approaches is to beg for them to come back and although you may feel like it is a situation that deserves a bit of begging, it isn’t.

Yes, okay begging does sometimes work but for how long? Begging is really a lame dog approach and whilst it may make your ex return, she is probably only returning through a feeling of pity.
Once you are back together and life is just returning to how you hoped it would, her pity wears off and you are back to stage you would rather not be.

Not only has her pity for you dwindled but after your undignified approach to a crisis, she is probably likely to have less respect for you than she had before, even during the break up. Be humbled certainly but do not lose your dignity by begging.

Another popular approach is to try and play games with their emotions, perhaps trying to make them jealous but once again although this approach may work initially, it could have a detrimental effect on a long term romance.

The same can be said about holding them to ransom, stating you can’t go on without them. If this approach works it is often because they are afraid of what you may do if they don’t come back and fear is not a good way to rekindle a feeling of romance.

Now to get on to exactly how you have a chance of winning them back. Obviously there are different reasons as to why the break up occurred in the first place but generally there are some good ways to proceed.

Firstly although many men will tell their ex that they have changed, telling them is not enough; find some way to show them that you have changed. If the break up occurred due to something you used to do, this could help to rebuild her confidence and trust in you.

Although one approach many men take is to re-evoke the past, reminding the girl of how good things had been, this may not have the desired effect as it may just remind her of how much things had changed between you. Instead talk to her about the future and state how good things could be if you were once again together.

Some people say that everything is for a reason and so before you try any approach to get your girl back, be sure that that is what you really want. Although at the time you may think life cannot go on without her; it does and sometimes for the better.

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Top 3 Ways to Ensure You Win Your Ex-girlfriend Back

You called her and she finally answered the phone. She agreed to meet. So now what? Before you read on, it is important to keep your cool. You need to be confident. As when you approached her the first time, if you’re desperate she will walk away. At this point, you need to be more confident than you have ever been, even if you don’t feel this way. So where do you take her? How do you win her heart over? Each one of these ideas is specific to the type of person that you are. Consider which idea best suits you, or her, and go with it.


  1. The gentleman.

The first part is as elegant as it gets. Send her a present or a large bouquet of her favorite flowers. If she works, you must send it there. Just sign your name on the note. This will get her thinking about you. She will try to analyze this move. When she calls, and she will avoid answering why you sent the gift. Simply ask her out to dinner. Naturally, this involves an elegant restaurant or a cozy one. Avoid cheap, obviously. Arrive on time, not earlier and by no means late and order wine. The conversation should be casual and fun. Pretend, to yourself, that this is the first date. Treat her like a lady. As the night draws to an end, she will bring up the relationship. Only at this point should you tell her how you feel.


  1. For the good old times.

When she agrees to meet, tell her that you’ll pick her up. Do not tell her where you’re going. Avoid this step if she’s particularly paranoid. Take her either to the place you first met or the most romantic place you’ve been. Dress well, shave, avoid looking as bad as you probably do right now. This is important. When you arrive, just have fun. This is a recurring theme because it’s true. By pressuring her to talk about the relationship, you will just push her away. Just laugh with her. Ask her about what she’s been up to. She may try to provoke you by saying things she knows will get you angry. Ignore these attempts. She is testing you. Just be confident and casual. By the end of the night, she will see the man she fell in love with and she’s yours.


  1. Romance.

If your ex is a fan or romantic movies, and she probably is, this is a no-brainer. However, being romantic doesn’t mean pulling out every cliché you ever heard of. The whole point is that she wants to see that you put in the effort, but that you came up with it on your won. First of all, think about what is her favorite color. This tells a lot about a person.

If she likes reds, oranges or yellows, take her to a park, beach, or just outside the city for a picnic. Nature is the theme. Have some bite-sized food, natural juice, and white wine. Take her just before sunset, and make a camp fire. If you can’t do this, lots of candles will do. Laugh and have fun. The conversation should be on the humorous side so do not bring any dark topics. She may, but that is her right.

If she likes blues, purples, or greens take her somewhere where there is water. A lake, a Japanese styled garden or anything like that. If there are any ducks, even better, bring some bread. Again bring some wine, rose or white. Sit and talk casually. It should be a calm atmosphere, so allow for silent moments. These are moments of reflection and they are important.

If she likes white, then you need to take her somewhere elegant, an expensive brunch cafe for example. You need to wine and dine her. Wear a white dress shirt, of course. Talk about how you’re doing, how you’re improving and what you plan for the future. Adult conversation is important. Let her talk about her life plans. Your life together will come up on its own.

If black is her color, take her to gaze at the stars. Bring some blankets. In this case, you need to be deep. Talk about reflection, life, and your dreams. Let her open up again and listen as if you’ve never met her. You may even learn something new.

This all may sound like first date ideas, but keep in mind that you probably stopped doing these things with her. By bringing them back, she will remember the good times and so will you. She will naturally warm up to you and then you can talk seriously about getting back together.

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Winning Back an Ex-Girlfriend

Some relationships were just not meant to be and if that was the type of relationship that you had with your ex, the chances are there is no way you could win her back no matter how hard you tried.

However, that is not the case with most relationships and they could work despite any problems along the way. There are numerous cases that although a girlfriend has left, the man would very much want her back and want her back not just to calm some sense of ego, they genuinely have feelings for the girl.

In these cases the man has to think very carefully on exactly how they intend to win her back but although apologizing will probably be involved, begging never should be, not if the relationship is to last. Begging and threatening, although sometimes working initially, have been found to be counter-productive in the long term.

It would appear that when men beg or threaten, the girls return through feelings of sympathy but that sympathy over time, turns into disrespect which is the grounds for another break up with no hopes of reuniting. The experts recommend that you do apologize, even if what you are apologizing for was something only present in the girl’s mind.

Never mention the good times you had in the past as that often brings back to the girl, some of the bad memories you both share. Instead talk of the future and what you can enjoy and achieve if you were together. At this time it may be a good idea to have something concrete in mind, such as a romantic dinner or, perhaps even a romantic weekend away together.

There are plenty of places throughout the country which today, offer romantic weekends, so find one you could afford, preferably one that would appeal to her and suggest it. Having secured a venue and having gotten her alone for some serious together time emphasize that this is just the beginning of how their relationship could continue from then on.

Some girls of course may only be impressed with bigger and better things and if you know that your girl is one of those, perhaps tempt her with a weekend romantic getaway in Europe. With the ease of travel afforded throughout Europe today, weekend getaways to Paris, Amsterdam or even Rome are nowhere near as difficult to arrange as they once were and neither are they as expensive as you may think.

Once you have enticed them away for a weekend though, do not make the mistake of thinking that that seals the deal. You must still convince them that you are a new man with none of the flaws that they knew you had before. You have already made the decision that you really want them in your life and so patience and a little care are minor things if you are succeed in your quest. Always have in mind what caused your break up before and avoid getting into similar situations.

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